Starts of the new era..

Starts of the new era..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zengzuan Secondary School '05-06

'Engage and Create'
, gives every Zhenghua pupil a life-long guiding principle individually and as a team, the Zhenghua pupil
and graduate will, with creativity, purpose and determination, engage the challenges life brings.
In engaging the challenges, we will create a better world for everyone.

The Letter Z in white represents white water. It no only symbolizes the continuous flow of knowledge and
skills to be taught and learnt but also the exuberance and vitality of youth.The skils equip the
pupils face newer challenges in his / her adulthood.The slashed 'Z' represents the impact the Zhenghua
pupil and graduate will make in the present and future.

The blue globe represents, a stylized H, represents the global opportunities that are open to everyone
who dares to accept the challenges beyond the confines of our country. We will go global while
remaining rooted in Singapore.

The red represents the plasma of life. The slashed 'Z' breaking out of its frame symbolizes the need to
break out of a mindset and its confines so that greater heights of acheivement can be reached.